Trip to Al-Omran, Jordan

Your Trip to Al-Omran starts with a visit to the old part of town, and ends with a visit to the new part. You’ll be able to see the traditional souks and mosques of Jeddah. Then you will head to Al-Balad, which is the capital city of Ras Mohammed. You will also visit Fustat, before visiting the ancient site of Umaidah. Once you finish your trip to Ras Mohammed, you will end your trip to Al-Omran with a trip to the Saudi Arabia Wall, which is one of the seven wonders of the world.


When you enter Jeddah, you will see traditional songs with beautifully crafted carpets and colorful handicrafts. Souqs are places where people sell products made in Jeddah. The souqs in Jeddah are all very different, as they display only items that are native to Jeddah. You may be able to buy traditional carpets or work with traditional craftsmen. While you’re in town, you should also try some of the dishes from the various restaurants.

 Saudi Arabia City

The traditional baths of Jeddah are two of the most popular tourist attractions. You will want to visit the Wadi Dhar clay pools, known for their unusual glazed appearance. The other place that you should see while you are there is the Al-Rabieh mosque, built in 1930. This mosque has one of the largest mosques in all of Jeddah.


All travelers must apply for a Saudi Arabia Electronic Travel Authorization at least 72 hours ahead of the travel, use this website to apply

You will find many things to do when you are in Al-Omran. One of the places you can visit is the Al-Azhar Mosque. It was originally built by the Moors in the tenth century. It is one of the four holy mosques in Islam. You can spend a nice amount of time visiting the mosques and learning about their histories. You will find that these mosques are very important to the lives of Muslim, both believers and non-believers.


You may want to visit the ancient city of Medina as you are on your trip to Al-Omran. This city, which is located on the Euphrates River, was one of the first cities developed in the seventh century. You will enjoy hearing the history of this city through its mosques. The Medina is home to one of the best preserved historical cities in the world.


When you are taking your trip to Al-Omran, it will be a good idea to take a day to experience the desert. There are several activities you can participate in while you are here. If you like the thought of doing a kayak race or going rafting, you will not have a problem at all. There are plenty of places for all different types of water activities. There are even opportunities to go rock climbing, depending upon the weather.