SEO – A Non Trivial Task

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of online marketing. Everyone with a website, individual or a company wants to on page 1 of Google. Many vendors offer SEO services and that can be confusing for anyone in the marker for Search Engine Optimization services.

If not, then how much extra will they charge?After all your goal is to be on top of page 1 of Google

If you search SEO or Search Engine Optimization on Google you find over 60,000,000 entries. Now how does one decide where to go to seek help with there website? I used to think that companies offering SEO services that are on top of Google should be my preferred choices.Argument was that if they can get there maybe they can put my website on page one of Google as well. And, I am not alone. There is a popular misconception that all good SEO vendors will rank on first page of Google. Many SEO companies get credit link from the bottom of their client website which can get them on first page of Google. But they might not be able to use the same strategy for your website. So it’s not necessarily true that only companies ranking naturally on Google’s first page are good.I would still look for Search Engine Optimization company on Google using keywords like Search Engine Optimization, SEO Companies, SEO services, Search Engine Optimization Services etc.

And, find a couple of companies based on my criteria

And, find a couple of companies based on my criteria. It could be proximity or cost or your vertical.But I have learned the hard that one should not be restricted to just organic rankings, and look at paid listings also. It might take you some time getting used to this concept, but once you consider this, it will open up your mind to lot of potentially good vendors.I also look at SEO company that is well versed in Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization.

Many search engine optimization company offer this as part of their service

I used to rule them out as hype but Blogs, RSS Feeds, Social book marking have now become an important part of my overall SEO strategy. Specially after Google rolled out Universal search drastically changing Google’s search results interface as it now includes results from more information sources like News, Videos, Google Maps.I have products and services where making video and ranking this video in Google was easier rather than ranking this product’s web page. Now a days I ask my SEO company In short, just ask your SEO company which social media optimization technique will you use.Do not over the Press Release distribution services because it is a great way to get exposure in Google. and There are companies that have a syndication network and their press releases are picked up by other websites through RSS feeds. Before hiring SEO company I would whether they provide press release distribution: how much will it cost and how are there PR services syndicated.You maybe surprised but an easy way is to submit your business in local business directories like Yellow pages, Ask City,, Citysearch and Yahoo local among others. But also think about to Google maps. Having presence in these local search engines and Yellow pages websites will get you local traffic and can also get you wider exposure because of Google Universal search interface.Your SEO strategy should include link building. Many search engine optimization company offer this as part of their service. Ask if this will cost extra and how much. I can’t stress enough how important is link building. Google relies on that.I have been in situations where I will get a document from my SEO company and I would have to run around looking for someone to make those changes. Now I seek companies that offer this service as well. I ask them who will implement the changes on my website. They should include simple changes like working on HTML pages. But if the changes are extensive and require either programming or database changes, most SEO companies might either work with your existing development company or give you a quote for implementing the changes. In either case, make sure whether the SEO company will make changes to the site. If not, then how much extra will they charge?After all your goal is to be on top of page 1 of Google. I want to be honest with you: it is not a trivial task. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex methodology you are better off seeking someone who has done a few times instead of doing it alone.

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