Sabt Al-Alaya – See Why This Hire Guide is an Accredited Resource

Have you ever made a trip to Sabt Al-Alaya? This is located in the Fujairah Governorate and is the second largest emirate in Fujairah. The first emirate to be conquered by the Saudi Arabia was the Emirates (the UAE) and they now have four out of five seats. So, what is there to see and do in this desert and is there any chance of visiting the attraction, Sabt Al-Yamamah in Fujairah?

The main attraction in Sabt Al-Alaya, which is known as the Al-Balad Tour, involves a four-day tour that starts with a trip to the Sabt Al Arnbad Golf Course, from where you can view the large stadium, Sabt Al-Qubbat and Damac Mountains. You will pass through the Na’ama Hills and proceed to the Wadi Dhar Desert, where you will enjoy a camel safari. After the desert, you will return to the golf course and then travel by car to the Sabt Al-Qubbat. The four day tour is not easy, so you may want to consider a day out before hand and enjoy yourself.

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The second attraction is Al-Gabel Water Park, which is situated in Al-Balad. You will be able to enjoy an exciting rollercoaster ride at this theme park. It has a waterpark facility which is themed as an old British stage show. The water park also offers a stroll through the gardens of Madinat Al-Kutba with its collection of sandstone columns. The fountain is made of a replica of a 19th century hotel.

The third attraction is the Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, which is a century old mosque. You can sit down and relax while taking a sip of the water from the fountain that flows from a small pond into the river. You will not believe the tranquility and beauty of this mosque, which was built by an Islamic scholar. The tour guides will give you fascinating information on the history of the building. It was destroyed during the Egyptian plague.

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The last thing to see on your Sabt Al-Alaya trip is the Sabah Yacht Club. This club offers charter services for groups of up to four passengers. This is a great place to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends while enjoying the water. It also offers luxurious yachts to sail in style. This is the perfect place to break away from the pressures of daily life and relax.

Sabt Al-Alaya is known for its beautiful scenery, rolling hills, and pristine beaches. This area has everything that a traveler desires for. If you love nature, this is the perfect place for you to spend your vacation. Plan your next vacation to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Al Hajar Mountains.