Month: September 2021

Sabt Al-Alaya – See Why This Hire Guide is an Accredited Resource

Have you ever made a trip to Sabt Al-Alaya? This is located in the Fujairah Governorate and is the second largest emirate in Fujairah. The first emirate to be conquered by the Saudi Arabia was the Emirates (the UAE) and they now have four out of five seats. So, what is there to see and […]

Trip to Al-Omran, Jordan

Your Trip to Al-Omran starts with a visit to the old part of town, and ends with a visit to the new part. You’ll be able to see the traditional souks and mosques of Jeddah. Then you will head to Al-Balad, which is the capital city of Ras Mohammed. You will also visit Fustat, before […]

Travel to Quebec by Train

Travel to Quebec by Train Travel to Quebec to discover the rich history and beautiful ruins of its old structures and castles. Although Quebec is much smaller in size than Texas (the third largest state in the US), it’s still quite sparsely populated. Despite this, the topography of this province is highly varied depending on […]